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 8th Grade Scholars

The Pasadena Business Association offers scholarships to selected high school seniors who attend either Northeast or Chesapeake High Schools, or live in the attendance area for these schools but attend another public or private school.  Applications must be completed and returned to the school Guidance Department by March 14, 2019 or mailed to the PBA Office at P.O. Box 861, Pasadena, Maryland 21123-0861.  Applications sent by mail must be postmarked no later than March 14, 2019.  The Guidance Counselors have until the end of business on March 15, 2019 to deliver the applications  Mary Brodowski, BB&T Bank at 3030 Mountain Road, Pasadena, who will deliver them to the PBA Office.  The applications may also be dropped off to the drive through window at BB&T.  Applications received after these dates will not be processed.

Applicants may use the attached application.  For an electronic copy, contact the PBA office at or access the application online at Naviance which can be found on the school website or  The application package must include a high school transcript and the completed application, including the essay.  It is optional, but acceptable to include other documentation such as a letter of recommendation, articles or copy of SAT scores. 

Scholarships will be announced at the awards night held at the school.  Scholarship recipients will be honored at a PBA general membership luncheon meeting on June 5, 2019 at 12 o’clock. We will send letters to the scholarship recipients no later than May 10th   if they are awarded a scholarship.  Parents, grandparents, etc. will be able to attend this luncheon at a cost of $18 each with a reservation. Please note that only recipients will be notified. We are not able to send letters to all applicants.

The PBA Scholarship Fundraiser, Bull & Oyster Roast and 80’s Dance ( will be held on March 2nd at Kurtz’s Beach.  All proceeds are used to fund these scholarships.  The scholarship amounts are based on the profit from the fundraiser.  The more we make the more we are able to give.  Please encourage your parents, friends, and neighbors to buy tickets to this wonderful event.  For more information or ticket sales, you can visit the website or contact the PBA Office.

Interested applicants may download the appropriate information packet from the selections below. You may also contact the PBA office to request a copy be emailed to you. The application package must include a high school transcript and completed application, including the essay. It is optional, but acceptable to include other documentation such as a letter of recommendation or copy of SAT scores.

We will not be providing 5th grade scholarships since we do the 5th Grade Straight A Lunch in which we honor these outstanding students.

PBA 8th-Grade-Scholarship-2019.doc

If you have any questions regarding the scholarships you can contact the the PBA Office.

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