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2017 Caring & Sharing Parade Update

01 Mar 2017 11:06 AM | Deleted user

Hayley Bowerman

President Jerry Nicklow, Brian Conrad, Hayley Bowerman and Sandi, recently met with the Anne Arundel County Police Department's Traffic Safety Division regarding parade safety rules and a slight change to the route. As far as safety goes, we want to continue reiterating our rules that have been and will be in place year after year. This is for everyone's safety.

  • No revving of engines.
  • Children CANNOT get on and off floats or vehicles once the parade has started.
  • ONLY adults that are WALKING in the parade are permitted to hand out candy. Candy is not to be thrown in the roadway.
  • If a child is driving a motorized vehicle, they must have a driver's license.
  • If you look in front of your group and cannot see another group, you must pick up the pace.
  • Absolutely no one can ride on the roof of a vehicle, this includes both children and adults.
Additionally, there is going to be a slight change to this year's parade route. Instead of going back through E. Shore Road and 218th Street, AACPD is proposing that we simply go straight down Mountain Road, making a right onto Outing Avenue and concluding at George Fox Middle School. We are going to follow up next with AACPD sometime over the summer to discuss the different ways we can notify people about this change.


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