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The PBA was formed to help be a liaison between local government and local business owners. To help members follow government changes affecting busiess and community, th PBA Legislative Committee examines bills coming before the Anne Arundel County Council and the Maryland Legislature, frequently testifying at hearings to voice opinions on the bill snd their effects on local businesses. Legislators, council persons, and elected officials attend and speak at general membership meetings so they hear our concerns in person.

  • 05 Feb 2018 2:18 PM | Jerry Nicklow (Administrator)

    The paid sick leave bill is now a reality for Maryland businesses.  To view a 3 page summary of the requirements of the law, you click on the button below.

    Maryland Healthy Working Families Act

  • 05 Feb 2018 2:13 PM | Jerry Nicklow (Administrator)

    As we know, the 2018 Maryland General Assembly is in session at this time.  Larry Sells and our delegation have put together this list of Bills of Interest for the PBA to be aware of.  You can access the list by clicking  the button below.

    2018 Bills of Interest For The PBA

  • 01 Nov 2017 5:02 PM | Jerry Nicklow (Administrator)

    Delegate Kipke asked us to send you contact info so that constituents could communicate their views on the family sick leave bill.  He suggests that folks contact the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate.

    To contact Speaker of the House Michael E.  Busch:

    H-101 State House
    State Circle
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    Phone: 410-841-3800 | 301-858-3800 | Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3800
    Fax: 410-841-3880 | 301-858-3880

    To contact President of the Senate Thomas V. Mike Miller:

    State House, H-107
    100 State Circle
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    Phone: 410-841-3700 | 301-858-3700 | Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3700
    Fax: 410-841-3910 | 301-858-3901 

  • 01 Mar 2016 7:26 PM | Deleted user

    Larry Sell, Legislative Chair

    The following bills may affect local small businesses. We strongly advise you to contact your representative to express your opinion on any of these bills, if you believe it will have an impact on your business. Use the link below to contact your representative.

    General Assembly of Maryland - Economic Matters Committee

    HB 580 – Labor and Employment – Maryland Healthy Working Families Act (Clippinger)

    • ·       Paid sick leave bill
    • ·       Requiring employers with more than nine employees to provide employees with earned sick and safe leave that is paid at the same rate as the employee normally earns; requiring employers with nine or fewer employees to provide an employee with unpaid earned sick and safe leave; providing for the manner in which earned sick and safe leave is accrued by the employee and treated by the employer; requiring an employer to allow an employee to use earned sick and safe leave for specified purposes; etc.

    HB 721 – Prevailing Wage Rates Reform Act of 2016 – (DAVIS)

    • ·       Looks like a big expansion of prevailing wage.
    • ·       Expanding the applicability of the prevailing wage rate law to political subdivisions, agencies, and public works on property where the State, a political subdivision, or an agency is the owner or lessee by altering the definition of "public body"; providing that the prevailing wage rate law applies to public work contracts greater than $25,000; requiring that prevailing wage rates be calculated using wage rates established by specified collective bargaining agreements; etc.

    HB 108 – Capital Budget – Construction Projects- Apprenticeship Requirements - (McCray)

    • ·       This bill requires each contractor or subcontractor that performs work on a capital construction project that receives at least $100,000 from the State’s capital budget to, either be affiliated with a registered apprenticeship program and use apprentices in each covered craft used by the contractor or subcontractor; make payments to the State Apprenticeship Training Fund; or make specified payments directly to a registered apprenticeship program.

    Hb197 – Maryland Pay Stub Transparency Act – (LIERMAN)

    • The bill expands the type of wage records that an employer is required to keep for at least three years for each pay period to include (1) the time interval or criteria by which each employee is paid; (2) allowances claimed; (3) deductions taken; (4) regular and overtime pay rates and hours worked at each rate for employees not exempt from overtime pay requirements; (5) piece rates and number of pieces completed for each employee paid at a piece rate; and (6) date of payment and pay period covered by the payment.
    • If an employee alleges that an employer does not keep specified required records, the employee or the Attorney General may bring an action against the employer to recover (1) liquidated damages of $100 for each pay period in which the violations occurred, up to $2,500; (2) counsel fees; and (3) other costs. If an employee alleges that an employer pays less than the required wages under the Maryland Wage and Hour law, the employee or the Attorney General may bring an action against the employer. If a court determines that an employee is entitled to recovery, the court must award the employee the required amount of liquidated damages for failing to maintain pay records, along with reasonable counsel fees and other costs.


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