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Rt. 100 Veterans Memorial Flag Site

27 Jul 2017 8:39 PM | Deleted user

Lisa R. Hart – Arundel Federal Savings Bank – PBA Flag Chair

As you drive down Mountain Road in Pasadena, you’ll notice two new additions to the Veterans Memorial Flag Site. The guns that you see are 105mm Howitzer’s from the Vietnam Era. They wouldn’t have made their way to our town without the help and expertise of a caring community.

Several years ago a handful of local veteran’s, Rob Wisch, Lee Hoffman and Bob Recker, all Army Veterans and members of the 29th Division Association, approached the PBA with information regarding where to acquire guns for the Rt. 100 Veterans Memorial Flag Site.

Knowing that several unsuccessful attempts were made in previous years to secure a tank, I knew the county would have to be involved and started the ball rolling. This was a joint venture between the US Army, Anne Arundel County and the Pasadena Business Association.

There are many to thank in making this possible. First and foremost the PBA would like to thank The US Army, specifically Major General Linda Singh, Colonel Charles S. Kohler and the members of the 29th Division Association.

Thanks also to our County Executive Steve Schuh; Rick Anthony and Mark Garrity of AACo Recreation & Parks, concrete specialist Oakley Construction and Vince Kelly of PT Graphics for designing and manufacturing the site signs. PBA members Mike Jacobs of JB Machine traveled to the Gunpowder Military Facility to take measurements for a custom built cradle to hold the guns. He was also an intricate part of the negotiation team. Other members of the negotiating team included PBA President Jerry Nicklow of Huff Ins., PBA Executive Director Sandi Parrish and myself. A local contracting company that was so kind as to move the guns to the site at no cost would like to remain anonymous but we will always be grateful for their care and expertise in getting these guns to their new home.

It is our wish that you enjoy this enhancement to the flag site, but please respect the fact that these guns are Military Artifacts and are not to be touched or climbed on. Navy Vietnam Veteran Craig Rudder is currently working on trying to find out more about their history.

The PBA will officially dedicate these artifacts during our Veteran’s Day Ceremony on Nov. 11, 2017 at 1:00pm. All are welcome! It is because of our Veterans and the sacrifices they have made that we continue to enhance this memorial site.

God Bless America!

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