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Anne Arundel County COVID-19 Information

25 Mar 2020 2:09 PM | Jerry Nicklow (Administrator)

Anne Arundel County Police Department has provided us with the following links and information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic:

The Anne Arundel County Department of Health is providing critical information about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), its spread, and protection measures for you and your family. 


Please follow this link to the official Anne Arundel County Government site for the latest information that may affect you and your family.


As we continue to try to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, people are scrambling to find trustworthy information about the spread of the disease, how they can protect themselves, how they can get tested, and more.

We understand the importance of reliable and timely information. For that reason the Guardian Shield will not be posting specific information about the virus and public containment efforts. It is important that we speak as a single source of information. All official information should derive from the Anne Arundel County Department of Health or the official County Government spokesman.

We want everyone to know that we continue to totally staff our patrol functions and things appear to be going smoothly. We thank everyone for their cooperation and efforts during this historic national emergency. Your understanding makes our function so much easier.

We are thankful that thus far we have seen no discernible increase in criminal activity. Understand though that certain opportunists will try to take advantage of the situation. If you have a business, please make sure it is secured as much as possible and your alarm systems are properly functioning. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE MONEY IN CASH REGISTERS OR OFFICE DESK DRAWERS.

Speaking of opportunists, the scammers and fraudsters are hard at work. There is no cure for COVID-19 and there are no door to door test kits sales. Many of the frauds rely on age old methods to take advantage of people, particularly the vulnerable and elderly community. The Baltimore Gas and Electric Company is not demanding telephone payments to avoid disruption. There is no website or telephone service to assure you have first option at the government programs being enacted. Only rely on official government websites for that information. And the Internal Revenue Service is not soliciting information relating to this year's tax filing deadline extension.


Remember, do not rely on social media posts as official information. A link to both the Health Department and County Government is at the top of this bulletin. These are your official sources of information.



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