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2018 Parade Sign Up!

  • 04 Nov 2018
  • 11:45 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Tick Neck Park


Registration is closed

NOVEMBER 4, 2018 • 2PM
REGISTRATION FORM  please type or print all information clearly

NAME                                                                         PHONE                                                                                                 


CONTACT PERSON                                                                


  • TYPE OF PARTICIPATION Please be exact in stating the number of all vehicles, walkers, horses, etc. in your unit. We cannot make changes once your registration is accepted. If you have a mobile unit with walkers please let us know that.. We put a walking unit between each mobile so need to know if you are having walkers with your mobile unit. Check all that apply

Type of unit # Mobile & # Participants Walking & # Riding                Type of unit     # Mobile   # Participants Walking & # Riding

 BAND (marching Unit)                    

 WALKING UNIT                    



 FLOAT (Business)                    

` FLOAT (Community)                    

  FIRE DEPARTMENT                    

OTHER (Please be specific in describing your entry, and listing the number of participants in your unit)                                                                                                  PROFILE: The following information will be used by the announcer as your unit passes the reviewing stand. We will have only about30 seconds to relay your information to the audience, so please try to list important facts about your business, float, participants on your float, etc.  We reserve the right to edit the content to fit the time restrictions. PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE 


There is a $25 charge if you are not a PBA member.    
$200 Corporate Sponsors will be announced at the parade, display a sign that states that the business is a corporate sponsor on their entry in the Parade, placement toward the front of the parade, listed on the DVD as a corporate sponsor (which is shown on cable TV),  and also listed on the banner on the reviewing stand.

Each group/float will have 30 seconds at the reviewing stand per the police department!
All groups must check in at Tick Neck Park and get a number!

Judging will begin at 1:00 pm 

Dear Parade Participant,    

Thank you participating in our 22nd Annual Caring and Sharing Harvest Parade on Sunday, November 4, 2018. 

The parade route is approximately 2 miles long.  Step off time is 2:00 PM sharp. Barring unforeseen changes, this is the only line up information you will receive, so please read the following information over carefully and share with your participants If you have any questions email

The below information is important and you must notify your participants of this information:

 The police department strictly forbids the parking of parade units on Edwin Raynor Boulevard, due to the lack of a shoulder. there will be no exceptions!

  we cannot guarantee placement/participation in the parade for latecomers.

please remind your group to bring non perishable food items and donations for our local food pantries

* the following units must line up at tick neck park

NOTE: the gates will be open by 11:45 pm.  we strongly recommend that you arrive early to ensure your place in the line up and also to ensure a smooth flow at step off

mobile units: Any motorized unit (i.e. floats, cars, trucks )-  Someone must remain with your unit at all times once it is in lineup position. Please limit the number of vehicles you are having in the parade for example no more than 8 unless you have permission.

  • line up time -  (except walking units & fire depts.) all moblie units must be at tick neck park no later than 12:30 PM.    Remember judging is at :1:00 so you must be ready.
  • Floats will enter the park , stop to get their number and make the right to Northeast high school parking lot.  you will have more room to turn around.

    All other mobile units will stop to get their number and and line up in the park.

Walkers and small children may be brought in no later than ½ hour prior to step off time 

BUT PARENTS  MUST PARK IN FRONT OF NORTHEAST HS AND WALK TO THE FLOAT                                                                                                                                                                                                                              walking units: Any unit without a motorized vehicle: (i.e. marching bands, equestrian, cheerleading etc.)  

line up time - 12:30PM all units must be in tick neck park no later than 12:30 pm, to ensure your placement/participation in the parade.

You must park IN FRONT OF northeast hs and walk to the park

the following units must line up on hunter road

(From Tick Neck Park: South on Tick Neck Road to 2nd street on right.) 

fire departments: line up time - 1:00PM All units must be on hunter road no later than       1:00PM to ensure your placement/participation in the parade. Your unit will be folded into the parade as it passes Hunter Road.  Fire Departments:  Please only send out of service vehicles.  Leaving the parade to take a call is dangerous because the children don’t understand you are taking a call and think you are a part of the parade.

******Please read the below information and make sure your participants know this.  Every year we have an issue with support vehicles entering and parents dropping off children at the entrance of the park.  This backs up the traffic onto Ft. Smallwood Road and then we have a traffic issue with the police department.

We will not allow any vehicles in the park or in the NE STADIUM parking lot that are not in the parade. This includes dropping off participants (INCLUDING CHILDREN), dropping off coffee or lunch, or other support vehicles.  They must park at Northeast High School (in front of the school) and walk to their respective float.  Please get all of the equipment needed on your float or in the vehicle pulling the float before you arrive.  

Walkers and small children may be brought in no later than ½ hour prior to step off time BUT PARENTS MUST PARK AT IN FRONT OF NORTHEAST AND WALK THEM TO THE FLOAT

The new route allows mobile units to just keep going when you reach George Fox Middle School and return back to Northeast High School using the back roads and Duvall Highway. PBA is not responsible for getting you back to the park.

Performers.  Performers shall keep up with the pace of the parade and the vehicles in the parade. Performers shall not act or perform in any manner that causes a temporary or permanent stopping or slowing of any vehicles in the parade.

Per the Police Department – For Everyone’s Safety – Tell your people !

  1. No revving of engines please.
  2. No one gets on and off of floats or vehicles once the parade has started.  Children not able to walk a steady pace will have to ride from the beginning or please have a stroller or wagon for them.
  3. ONLY those WALKING in the parade are permitted to hand out candy. Candy is not to be thrown (per the police department).  There are no exceptions.
  4. If a child is driving a motorized vehicle they must have a driver’s license or valid permit.
  5. If you look in front of your group and cannot see another group you must pick up the pace.   A large gap between units allows vehicles not in the parade to cut through along Mountain Road
  6. Absolutely no one can ride on the roof of a vehicle, this includes both children and adults.  
  7. Please respect the Police Officers at all times without them there is no parade in the future.

We want everyone to have fun but safety is paramount

Applicant’s Compliance Certification (This must be returned with the registration form)

I hereby certify that this certification pertains to the Caring & Sharing parade in Pasadena to be held on November 4, 2018, that I am duly and legally authorized to legally bind and make this certification on behalf of ______________________________________ (the “Applicant”), that I have personal knowledge that all persons participating in the parade on behalf of the Applicant, including, but not limited to, the Participants (i.e. all drivers, walkers, and performers), have read and understand these Rules and agree to unconditionally abide by these Rules, that all vehicles and trailers are at this time or will be in complete strict compliance with these Rules before the date of the parade, that all such vehicles and trailers shall be maintained in complete strict compliance with these Rules at all times during the parade, that all persons representing, assisting or participating with the Applicant will obey all of these Rules and acknowledge the Chamber’s right to enforce these Rules at all times and in any manner.

I, individually and on behalf of the Applicant and its successors and assigns, hereby forever release and discharge the Pasadena Business Association , it’s Officers and Board members, employees, and volunteers and agents, and forever waive my right and the right of the Applicant, its successors and assigns, to initiate, make, file or demand any claim, cause of action, or legal proceeding, whether now known or later discovered, including but not limited to, any and all injury, loss, liability, damage, claim, cost or expense incurred by me or the Applicant as a result of, or arising out of or in connection with, the participation in the parade, whether caused by the acts or omissions of the Association, its Officers and Board members, employees, and agents, directly or indirectly, and including but not limited to, the acts or omissions of other participants or non-participants in the parade.

Witness: Authorized Agent of Parade Applicant

signature_____________________________     signature_______________________________

Printed Name: __________________       Printed Name:_________________Date______


Cell Phone #: ______________________________
                                                    Email: _____________________________________

Please mail your completed registration form to:

PBA, PO Box 861, Pasadena, MD 21123-0861 or email to

Checks should be made payable to:                                                                                PBA, PO Box 861, Pasadena, MD 21123-0861 or email to

Checks should be made payable to PBA


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